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News of the 19th february 2009

mCon solutions invites to the topic day 'Digital Signage'

The Company mCon solutions from Stuttgart invites all interested parties to a common 'buisness-breakfast' at the 26th of March 2009 in our manson. Beginning is at 9.30 AM and the main topic of the morning will be 'Digital Signage - Views and visions'. The aim of this topic day is the exchange of information and the oportunity to forge links and discuss about a theme which becomes more and more important in the 21th century. Besides brief reviews and speeches about the theme 'digital ways of presentation and its signifiaction' we'll serve you a classical Swabian breakfast and other viands.

News of 26th january 2009

mCon is beneath the nominees of the InAVation Awards 2009 in Amsterdam

The Digital Signage portal '' has decided to assign the InAVation Digital Signage award on the occasion of the Integrated Systems Europe (ISE) this year. Also involved is the AV-integrator professional journal 'InAVate-magazin'. The best and most innovative projects in the field of Digital Signage are awarded with a prize on the basis of a ceremonial gala. We are beneath the last nominees for this special prize and hope to get the much sought-after award

mCon solutions showcases a  Info-display applicationeine for the financial sector. The Digital Signage solution was realised as a request from a German bank. It combines a multitude of automatic and individual controlled information. The content spreads from actual economy and world news, image movies, campaign motives, the weather forecast to a universal world time.  To perfect the whole content compulsive stock-market and index values that are updated within a minute cycle.

Nico Nitsche (21) - Trainee

News of the 17th december 2008

mCon solutions cares for new 'Digital Signage' offspring

Mr. Nitsche, you started your time as a trainee at mCon solutions for about two months. How did you get pointed to the company mCon solutions? 

I looked for an offer in the area of 'new media' and marketing and while searching the internet I encountered Digital Signage for the first time. I have never heard about that topic before but soon realized that I wanted to do a trainee in this uprising field. In the next steps i looked for a copany nearby and found the Stuttgarter consultants mCon solutions.


To translate it verbally into German it means 'digitale Beschilderung'. In short you can say it is the electronic version of information on a display. There are for example digital signs, advertisment, electronic door plates and  screens which are build up in diferent areas showing all cases of information, p.e. news, weather, stock market indices, videos, flash animations, presentations,...etc. The content is designed and planned by mCon solutions and adapted with the client, so that the company has the perfect content for the right target group. 

What are your dialy jobs at mCon solutions?

I work in the area of content and marketing. My jobs are the creation of new contents, different works with Photoshop, Flash or Microsoft Office. I'm also helping out with the incoming jobs around the house.

What do you like most at mCon solutions?

The connection between technique and merketing ist the most fascination part of my work. I also enjoy the relaxed working atmosphere with young and motivated colleagues who give me lots of interessting insights within the different parts of work.

What are the plans for the furture, after this internship?

I hope to get a university place at the 'Hochschule der Medien' in Stuttgart for the summer term 2009. I would like to study media design or indutrial/communication design. Elsewere I try to find a job training as a digital media designer.

What qualifications should be brought with you?

A good handling with the PC and the internet are necessary and the basic knowledges with Photoshop, Flash, html and MS-Office is half the battle. I also was a newcomer with Flash or html, but after a few weeks I could edit a html-page on my own.

Mr. Nitsche, please complete the following sentence:


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