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Two editorial controlled large-screen displays with steglosplasmas in the format 4x3 meters in the shopping and catering area in the Allianz Europapassage in Hamburg.

Salutatory and information screen in the foyer area of the Behr training centre in Stuttgart.

Training centre Plochingen: Info-display for training dates / orientation. Automotive Karlsruhe: Info and salutatory screen

Info-display Andon quality management visualizing production numbers with electronic trigger line to secure production processes.

Infotainment complete solutions in the foyer area: presenting image media, trade fair calendars, galeries, salutatory words. Development of the content concept, screen design with administration and editorial concept for the long-term assignment.

Information and newscast system for the internal company communication.

A big project was realized at Eon in Frankfurt. An info media wall in the entrance area and a cafeteria information system were installed in the building. Here news, staff information etc. are shown.

Infotainment complete solution: updating service of content  through mCon Soutions on three large-screen displays in the customer centre integrating TV and cultural sponsoring topics.

Development of a content conception for the salutatory and waiting area. Implementation of the conception in a screen design for several offer categories (business, weekend, private, ...).

Info-display in the entrance area with image presentation and visitor salutation.

Multi media presentation to support trade fairs. Presenting current and upcoming collections as well as background information on current advertising campaigns. Showing customer material, developing screen design.

At Lilly Pharma Deutschland 6 screens with multimedia contents were installed. mCon soltutions was commissioned for the content concept which can be admired on a screen on every floor.

Customer and staff information system. Content development and implementation according to corporate design requirements for product presentations as well as internal presentations and information.

Info-display visualizing production key figures with simultaneous presentation of local news and announcements. Integrating the system in various production units as well as an info system in the cafeteria area.

Salutatory and information board presenting company and product information in the form of static and moving media.

Room information system with central input control and 6 door plates. Individual background adaptation of the door plates integrating logo and Siemens color palettes. Additional installation of a room overview with infotainment module in the access area.

Infotainment complete solution with e-poster and image presentation. Development and implementation of the screen design. Extension of a central administration and editorial control via 6 single media in different subsidiaries.

Salutatory and information board in the entrance area of the broadcasting centre in Stuttgart.

Information system with four individual display systems presenting company and product information.

Central administration and editorial system for regional advertising efforts, distributed throughout the trading network of the ADEG/Edeka. Development of a customized solution for the data transfer via the in-house Proxyserver.

Information system of the district court in Graz: Control of a number release system. Door plates with possibilities of calling and acknowledging status messages of trials through the staff or the judge.

Advertising and display system controlled via two administration and editorial control systems applicable independently.

Indicator of the environment: Key figures of the air pollution are visualized through a connection to measuring instruments of particulate matter. When reaching threshold limit values the outdoor displays show individual announcements for the traffic.

In the textile and carpet house Leiner in Austria, image videos of the manufacturer, external advertising for restaurants and various brands and special offers of the carpet house are presented on several displays.

In the new Innsbrucker ice skating rink a visitor information system was implemented. The central director is assisted by the marketing department of the Olympia-World Innsbruck. The start-up of the system has already taken place in May 2004.

5 outdoor-displays are individually controlled and loaded via a central administration and editorial system. The control is carried out through the competent authority as well as ad hoc the advertising agency of the city.

Switzerland / Lucerne

Stadium display system of FC Lucerne. Information and advertising display combined with the presentation of current scores and game events.

Switzerland / Zurich

Display of current calendar of events in the Finance Forum in Zurich. Event notes are shown on monitors during the congress and advertising of participating companies can also be shown by means of splitted monitors.

Czech Republic / Prague

Via the central administration and editorial control the system controlls different floor information with touchscreen, advertising boards in the stairs area as well as a media wall seven meters high.

Switzerland / Balgach

Central advertising and information system of the Raiffeisenbank Balgach to load and show contents of a large display.

Great Britain / Woking

Content concept and visual equipment of a Motorhome on three floors and 11 large-format screens. Central administration and editorial control with synchronicity on 9 screens. Developing the creative and event concept for 3 Formula 1 racing days in Europe respectively.

Portugal / Braga

Display and advertising information board in the interior of the stadium. Central control of advertising and ad hoc information as well as presentation of results and incidents in the course of games.


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